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  • Phase-X Review

    Team SKORA member Graham gives us his thoughts on our new Phase-X.

    "If you're a morning or night runner, you owe it to your safety to check this shoe out. You've never seen a shoe pop like this when headlights hit it. The whole thing lights up, not just some little tag. Enough about that, though how does the shoe run?"

    Check out the entire review here!

  • Running Hutch

    Tiffany (aka Hutch) and her husband did a great He Said She Said review of the Phase and Form.

    "Almost feels barefoot. Phase is wider and flatter through the arch than my Merrell Barefoot shoes and have a less constricted, more sock-like feel. Phase also has a slightly thicker toe box which is appreciated for protection. The heal of the shoe comes above some of my low-cut socks. These are my favorite shoes to wear around the house because of how light and comfortable they are."

    Check out the ...

  • Real Review - Barefoot Angie Bee

    Our friend Angie Bee recently reviewed the Core. Thanks go out to her for the great read and well done article!

    "Another unique and brilliant aspect of the Skora Cores is the asymmetric lacing system. It lets you tighten for comfort and yet not put undue pressure on the top of the foot. It also sports the fabulous Burrito Tongue! No, thats not what it is really called but it should be! The tongue wraps around the foot so no stopping to adjust the tongue. All shoes should have this tongue!


  • Real Review - The Run Commuter

    This is an initial thoughts / unboxing post from The Run Commuters.


    Heads up runners and run commuters!

    The three of us here at TRC headquarters were given three different pairs of SKORA running shoes to review for you, so we will be testing them out over the next few weeks and posting a detailed, three-person review, so you will have all of the information you’ll need to make an informed decision before buying some for yourself.

    Here were some of our initial thoughts after ...

  • Review: SKORA Core

    Thanks goes out to the Rebuilt Runner for his recent review of Core.

    I ran on trails, roads, and grass so I got a good cross-section of how the Core handles on various terrain. They don't have deep tread so when I pulled them out of the box I was wary about how well they would grip the trails, but in practice they did a great job. The sole feels more like one solid piece than that of the New Balance Minimus (those ones are broken up into separate hexagonal pods) so you don't get quite the ...

  • SKORA Phase Review: See Me Now?

    The reviews from Ash at are some of the best around.

    So well written.

    Here he goes in depth about our Phase:

    "From above, the SKORA Phase is striking in its creative challenge to symmetry. The diagonal lacing structure complements the sans-tongue construction. And, the reflective, laminated overlays create a unique, highly visible pattern, especially when observed with both shoes side by side.

    In fact, the reflective overlays and ultra vivid toe bumper make the Phase one of ...

  • SKORA Base Review

    Thanks to Johnny at Run Run Johnny for the review!

    "This is where I give SKORA some of my highest praise. I tend to beat the crap out of uppers. My clumsy, Clydesdale hooves always seem to stomp or rub on one another, leaving me with tears in the collar or rips elsewhere. These uppers can take a beating. Its a stretchy synthetic fiber mesh that not only can take a beating, but is excellent in weather. No they don’t repel water; they’re mesh! But they do dry very easily and don’t get ...

  • Slowly Tri-ing: SKORA Base Review

    Michael at Slowly Tri-ing wrote a review of the SKORA Base.

    "Versatility: These shoes are great for running, but they are also perfect for biking or triathlon. Since I broke my wrist in May in a bike wreck, I've been a little chicken to ride my bike in my clipless pedals (silly I know). I had been riding in tennis shoes, and one day I looked down and my shoelace was untied. I almost panicked. If your shoelace were to get caught in the gears it would be an instant wreck! With the Velcro ...

  • SKORA Phase-X Review - Runner's World

    The 2013 Shoe Buyer's Guide is out and our upcoming Phase-X model was included in the issue. Below is the video review from Runner's World.

    Shoe Guide Review

  • Magic Happened

    When I first put on my SKORA shoes, I was afraid to not wear socks, even though that’s how they were designed to be worn. So I wore them with socks for a long time before being brave enough to wear them without. Walking with my SKORA shoes on felt much like when I was walking barefoot. It felt weird and I engaged muscles I didn’t usually use while on the treadmill.

    The first time I started to run in my SKORA shoes I just about bust out laughing. I felt ridiculous and very clumsy. I had to ...

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