Real Response

  • Real Response

    "They are the perfect blend of function, style, quality, and durability for anyone who wants to truly enjoy their run! "

    -Randy Duque

  • Real Response


    Did I say I love the shoes? I LOVE THE SHOES.

    Omg, I'm a SKORA girl for life now. They are amazing. They are sleek, comfy and just all around awesome. I put on my old shoes for crossfit at work during the week and immediately regretted it. They've all now be safely stowed away in the closet (or maybe I'll donate them to the local running store)."

    - @jessesco

  • Love at First Sight

    At least they were clean when she kissed them!

  • Shoe Sole Mate

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  • Running in the Desert

    Grenade posted some of these photos on our Facebook page, and we asked him if he would mind writing an article about his experiences with our shoes, especially in temps above 100 degrees!

    Not too long ago, I decided to switch to more minimal running shoes.

    Naturally I had my concerns, as I do not run on only one type of surface (I mostly run trails). I have the fortunate pleasure of traveling due to my work. So when I went on the hunt for my first pair of minimalist running shoes, I brought ...

  • Mind = Blown

  • Happy Feet

    Hi SKORA,

    I've been running in your shoes for the past year now, and as far as I am concerned I will never, ever need to buy another brand of running shoe. Ever.

    But now, I am realizing that Skora shoes are also really great walking shoes. I have a pair I only wear for errands, nature walks, city walks, traveling, etc. They are the most comfortable shoes I have.

    But wait! There's more! I am a massage therapist and for years I have been struggling to find a comfy shoe to work in. I began ...

  • Running should not hurt!

    I still can't believe that I used to run in heavily cushioned, motion control shoes with inserts.

    Finally, I decided to try shoes with less cushioning and after having been a heel striker for almost 28 years I worked hard at learning to run on my forefoot. I went through the painful calves and Achilles tendon period but eventually pulled through. Even tried a little barefoot running but I still need to continue to work on my form.

    This year I injured my knee on a hard trail run and was down ...

  • Fit Like a Glove

    SKORA Form
    We had a very thorough and well-written email sent in to us on the SKORA Form. With the author's permission, we would like to share it below:

    Initial assessment of build quality: The Skora Forms have excellent build quality, much better than typical for the industry. Proprioception is good when standing or walking with shoes unlaced. The shoe has refreshingly little effect on normal foot mechanics. When standing or walking with the shoes unlaced, movement of the shoe independent of the foot ...

  • Lack of "cushy" padding

    "I love the glove-like fit, the low profile of the Velcro closure (as a cyclist I'm very used to it), and the durability of the outsole. The lack of 'cushy' padding is fantastic - its why I bought them and I have no regrets!"

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