• What to do before a race

    "Did I do enough training?"

    "Am I forgetting anything for race day?"

    "Have I missed anything in my training?"

    The week before a big race can be a bit stressful.

    Here is a short guide on how to approach the big event.

    Starting with the week of

    There is nothing you can realistically do the week of a race to improve upon your fitness, but there are many ways you can jeopardize your performance. Nothing new and no stressing about "what ifs".

    Here, Ben Greenfield tells you some things he is doing ...

  • How to Deal with Race Day Disappointment

    We’ve all had those races.

    You go in to an event and expect to do well. Hopefully everything goes your way.

    You plan everything, your training is excellent, your nutrition is exactly what you need it to be and everything just seems perfect.

    But then the race happens.

    Much like life, there is always something that you can’t plan for, nor expect. Sometimes it’s something small that you can overcome, while other times it’s something that completely ruins your race and you can’t recover. ...

  • Best Winter Races

    An end to the summer does not have to mean an end to racing. Having some type of goal race or event during these upcoming colder months can be just the type of motivation needed to stick with training and nutrition. Here is a short list of some of best races among various distances to give you some goals through the winter and spring.

    Turkey Day 5k
    Date: Weekend prior to Thanksgiving or the morning of
    Location: Almost every city or town in the United States
    Get 300 calories into the negative ...