• Purposes of the Long Run

    Long training sessions are a defining characteristic of endurance training. All athletes know they need to be done, but many often do not consider why. Below is a list of many of the important benefits for performing such a workout.

    Increase glycogen storage
    Glycogen is the storage form of a carbohydrate, an important fuel source for athletes during endurance sport. When muscle glycogen is depleted during long runs, the body will slowly adapt and increase it's ability to store higher levels ...

  • What does DOMS really mean?


    Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

    But it's not quite that simple, there is more to it than that.

    Every sensation your body provides your brain is its way of speaking to you. Telling you something.

    Some runners feel soreness should often be a workout goal. Yet athletes are quick to look for methods to reduce the duration of this soreness so they can get back to training.

    Let us take a quick look into what causes this post workout soreness.

    There are three main explanations.
    1) Microtrauma in ...


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