• Real Food Supplementation

    Here at SKORA, our motto is Run Real.

    We also believe in being real to our customers and followers as well as being real in our shoe design.

    At the same time, we also believe in eating real.

    Below is a how to guide on Real Food Supplementation

    In early 2012 there was a study done at Appalachian State University in North Carolina seeking to determine if bananas could be an adequate substitute to a carbohydrate beverage during a 75km cycling time trial. The researchers noted that even though the ...

  • Carb Loading - For the Masses

    Ah...the pre-race pasta dinner.

    It is an endurance event tradition.

    You know the drill. Packet pickup is the evening before a race. Maybe it is at a convention center, and they have a pasta dinner there. Perhaps there are some Italian restaurant coupons in the race bag. Or maybe you already have a dinner location picked out.

    Whatever the case, many athletes use the "oh, I'm carb loading" excuse to gorge themselves on any type of carbohydrate the day before a big event.

    Carbohydrate loading is ...