• Martha Walker (Mission 29.2) Interview


    It's what Martha Walker exemplifies.

    Ultrarunning is one of Martha’s demanding passions, it’s not her top priority.

    This wife and mother of four is also the founder of Mission 29.2, a non-profit organization that organizes ultramarathons in the developing communities of Haiti, The Bahamas, and eventually beyond, in an effort to benefit educational programs for children. Martha graciously (and surprisingly) found time to answer questions regarding Mission 29.2, time management, ...

  • Real Runner: Michael Medanich Thanks for taking the time for this interview Michael! Back in May you shared with us a photo of yourself from the Texasman X-50 triathlon. This year you also did your first half Ironman at Galveston. Can you tell us a bit about those races and your first season doing long course triathlon?

    Michael: This season has been an adventure for me! I was coming off of a knee surgery and anxious to get back into sports. I finally made the decision that I wanted to do an Ironman. My ...

  • Real Runner: Peyton Hoyal

    Here we interview Peyton Hoyal. A 2:32 marathoner from Blowing Rock, NC. This was a fun opportunity to pick the brain of a competitive semi-elite athlete! Thanks for taking the time to let us ask you some questions Peyton. Could you tell us a bit about your running background? What was the initial push that started you running?

    Peyton: Sure. I started running for fitness towards the latter part of my eight grade year. Coming from a Deep South football town, I had always been ...

  • Real Runner: Dorette

    Here we take a moment to talk to Coach Dorette from Trifiniti about her own athletic endeavors, her coaching, health, and Skora. Thanks for taking the time to let SKORA interview you Dorette! I noticed your facebook page, and you seem like a very busy person! Can you explain a bit about your schooling, job, and athletics?

    Dorette: Yes, my Facebook page certainly say's a lot about my passions, education, career, and endurance training.

    I am really committed to eating a ...