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Injury Prevention

  • Variety in Running to Lower Overuse Injury

    Many new athletes make the error of lacking variation in their training.

    This can come in the form of wearing the same pair of shoes for every single workout, running on the same terrain all of the time, or training at the same pace for almost every run.

    We'll start with shoes, which us here at SKORA are ever so fond of.

    A recent study determined that athletes who use different shoes for different runs have a 39% lower injury rate than those who used the same shoe for all of their training. ...

  • How to Deal with Shin Splits

    Shin splints are unfortunately the subject of many running related questions.

    Like most running injuries, the causes and remedies are often unclear and different for various situations and athletes.

    Injuries are a method your body uses to tell you that something is not functioning properly. Often a muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, or running form issue is to blame.

    It is true that changing shoes or stride may help resolve a pain. A calf compression sleeve or new shoes may modify your stride ...

  • Dealing with Injuries, the SKORA Way

    When injury strikes, be it mild or severe, the first things we usually go to as runners are ice, NSAIDs, or a local sports doctor. All of these are great options for treating injuries quickly, but how can we keep them from recurring or even occurring in the first place? In order to truly recover from an injury, you have to get to the root of the problem. This often lies with structural abnormalities, muscle imbalance, or inefficient biomechanics.

    This article will present how using SKORA ...

  • How to know if you're overtrained

    There is a very fine line between regular training fatigue and overtraining.

    We've talked about how to avoid overtraining, but what if you find yourself on the edge of falling into it?

    Part of the reason why this is such a difficult subject is because there really is no "edge". You don't wake up one morning and suddenly find yourself overtrained. It happens over weeks and even months.

    Here are some warning signs:

    Failing workouts or not progressing
    This is where not only having a training log ...

  • Does Pronation Matter?

    You know the drill.

    The shoe salesman watches how you stand, barefoot or in shoes.

    Next you walk back and forth, jog in place, maybe on a treadmill. Barefoot and maybe in your current shoes.

    This ritual has been ingrained into peoples' heads for decades, yet, it may not matter. Or more appropriately, it may matter in that it does not really matter.

    A few studies in the last few years have looked at how shoes prescribed based on a person's foot affects injury rates, and results have been quite ...


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