Guest Post

  • Running with the Kenyans

    Below are two articles from Neil Scholes at, where he discusses observations from his time spent with the Kenyan Olympic Team.

    Kinetic Revolution is a wealth of information, and definitely worth spending some time at to increase your knowledge base.

    While the Kenyan athletes he worked with have abilities far beyond most of ours, we can still learn from them and apply their work ethics and habits to our own, in a hope to better ourselves.


    Over the last two weeks it ...

  • Pronation: What would you do without it?

    As a massage therapist, kinesiology instructor, and author, Rick Merriam is a wealth of valuable knowledge.

    Engaging Muscles is Rick's website. Next time you feel like going in-depth with reading, sit back with a cup (or two) of coffee and enjoying some of his articles. His latest is below:

    As you proceed down the functional path to build the complete athlete, keep this analogy in mind. The way that force is imparted into the ground and the subsequent ground reaction go a long way ...

  • Night Training Safety Tips

    This is a repost from Nathan Pennington at Check out his website for some excellent articles and coaching services!


    In the last issue we talked about training for your very first marathon. In this issue we are going to talk about important safety tips for training at night.

    If you are the kind of runner who is more comfortable running and training during the early evening rather than in the early morning or afternoon, then it is important that you employ ...