Best SKORAS for the Trail

While we do not make trail specific shoes, do have a couple models that will be perfectly adequate for all but the most wet and muddy trails, and even then you may be good.

The characteristics of trail shoes that most distinguish them from road shoes are more prominent lugs and rock plates to protect the bottom of the foot from sharp stones.

When we are asked about trail running and our shoes, the two models that are generally recommended will be Core and Form.

Both of these shoes feature our goat leather upper. This tough material does a fine job of protecting the foot from rocks and roots. Unlike the Fit with its very flexible mesh upper, the leather is strong enough to keep the foot in place when navigating technical terrain.

The blue and black material on the sole of the Forms in the below photo is a higher density rubber than what most running shoes feature. While this increases the durability of the shoe, it also does a good job of protecting your feet from harder rocks or roots, yet at the same time allows your foot to feel the ground and react properly to where you step. The flexibility of the sole can also help with traction and maneuverability, as it's not a completely stiff and ridged shoe.  

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.14.05 PM

For those that prefer a very minimal shoe, Core will be a nice trail choice.  Along with the leather upper, it has a pad of harder rubber under the forefoot, but overall compared to Form it is a much thinner and more flexible shoe. If you are comfortable in a lighter shoe, this will be a great option for all but very rocky terrain, and even then some prefer to opt for a more minimal shoe for the highest available ground feel. It all just comes back to what you're most comfortable in!

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