BASE & FORM Reviewed

We're thrilled with all of the great reviews on the BASE and FORM models over the past few weeks. In case you missed them, here are a few highlights:

A shoe for the serious runner: Wired Magazine Find your natural form with SKORA (FORM Reviewed): (video) First Look - WOW! (FORM Reviewed): Gumption Gear SKORA Redefines Minimalist (BASE Reviewed): SKORA FORM review: FORM Takes on the World’s Finest (FORM reviewed): Average Guy Hits The Road BASE and FORM Reviewed: Running On The White Line

More reviews to come!

Run Real, SKORA

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    July 15th I will be running, Zurich Ironman, I have choice between On cloud Racer and Skora either Base or Form. I will be using the Base because of the Velcro. I did made my decision yesterday.

  • Hi Skora,

    I want your shoes on my clients feet! I have a group of 24 members that began training for their first Triathlon. The majority just completed our 8 week biggest loser course. They are putting a lot of trust that I will take care of them. I will teach them how to run perfect, but they need the shoes to flourish. I have owned 2 pilates and personal training studios in Reno and am currenlty a part of Peak Health and Wellness (3 gyms with over 7000 members. I respect the need for a bottom line profit and see a massive upside to your company if you get your shoes into this community.

    Weekly, I send numerous clients to nearby stores to buy New Balance Minimus, Merrells, and 5 fingers. I want my First Tri training group to all be Running in Skoras for their First Triathlon. I am certain you sponsor many groups in order to get your brand out into the public. Would you sponsor this group of 24 couragous individuals? The Sports Cellar is a family owned athletic store in Couer D'Alene that sells wrestling shoes, track shoes, apparel for teams etc. It is located in the heart of the city by the Lake. I want them to have your shoes, so I can send my clients their to buy your shoes instead of the big name stores like REI, or online stores.

    I have a few articles written on me as a barefoot/minimal shoe/Real Runner runner over the past 7 years. I work with runners, injuries, and everyone in between teaching all the bennies of proper body mechanics.

    Please consider my request. I begin the running portion for our group this Saturday and would love to give them some exciting news about getting Skoras on their feet.

    Bryan Janzen
    certified personal trainer, running biomechanics specialist

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