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Review: SKORA Core

Trisha has reviewed the Form in the past, and this time she takes a crack at the Core!

The CORE is just absolutely my favorite road shoe right now. It balances lightness, comfort and road protection exceptionally well. The shoe weighs almost the same as the old FORM, but seems a lot lighter because of the more lightweight leather/mesh combo upper. The same thing goes for the stack height, which is 2mm lower in the new CORE. Not to mention that the sole is roughly 1000x more flexible! (Sidenote: even more flexible with the insole taken out, which I always do – I found the extra cushioning unnecessary and would rather the extra foot space without them.) The more open-width design really makes this shoe great for me. I’ve loved it so much that it’s gone with me for many miles, and it’s been my choice for recent road half marathons and training.

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