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Real Review - Barefoot Angie Bee

Our friend Angie Bee recently reviewed the Core. Thanks go out to her for the great read and well done article!

"Another unique and brilliant aspect of the Skora Cores is the asymmetric lacing system. It lets you tighten for comfort and yet not put undue pressure on the top of the foot. It also sports the fabulous Burrito Tongue! No, thats not what it is really called but it should be! The tongue wraps around the foot so no stopping to adjust the tongue. All shoes should have this tongue!

There is plenty of room for splaying of the toes and yet my feet don't slosh around thanks to the lacing system. I have long narrow feet. This seems to be a good middle of the road shoe as far as width goes. A person with wider feet will find that the leather stretches well."

Visit for the full review!

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