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  • Top 10 features to look for in running shoes

    Everyday it seems the running shoe market is growing larger. The walls of your local running store are probably overflowing with the “newest and greatest” minimal shoe. So how do you choose from this glut of lightweight shoes? We at SKORA have amassed quite a bit of knowledge in the last few years from designing and developing our shoes, and we wanted to share some of that knowledge with you.

    There are ten major characteristics that we’ve identified that should be considered when ...

  • Things change, usually for the better...

    Product design and development is a process.

    A process that challenges not only your concept but also your patience and endurance.

    Over the past couple of months here at SKORA, one of our challenges was the fit and function of our strap system for our laceless shoe model. What started as a Z strap, then it morphed into a Y construct.

    Sometimes a concept is just that, a concept. It requires testing and honest analysis and asking the tough questions; Can we do better? Our passion to create the ...

  • Sneak peek photo released

    We just posted a teaser shot of one of SKORA’s upcoming zero-drop running shoes. Our all-leather design with our anatomically rounded heel outsole. See for yourself on

  • Finding what's right for you

    [Image credit: drinksmachine]

    Barefoot and minimalism have come a long way in the last few years; I’d be hard pressed to see anyone today coating a sock with rubber to make their own minimalist footwear. The market is full of minimalist options, barefoot beginner guides and the still-popular over engineered, over-cushioned, stabilizing running shoe.

    I’ve talked before about choice and listening to your body. But what about when your body can’t make up it’s mind? Matt Frazier at ...

  • Lots of Barefoot Buzz in Boulder

    This Monday, May 30, the Bolder Boulder 10K will snake through Boulder, Colorado, proudly proclaiming “Sea Level is for sissies.” This course is jam-packed with bands, comedy acts and more along the race route and incorporates a ton of “mini waves” so runners don’t have to fight their way through a crowd of bodies at the start of the race.

    But none of that is why I’m interested in the Bolder Boulder. I’m interested because Boulder has a Barefoot Running Club with over 300 ...

  • The Barefoot Days of Summer

    4268068616_c5715fe505[Image credit: heyitsgarrett]

    Now that warmer weather is rolling in, maybe you’re starting to feel like the time is right to give that first barefoot run a try. After all, what could be more appealing than seeing that green spread of grass in the park or that inviting paved trail?

    Here are just a couple things to keep in mind while hoofing it unshod during the summer months:

    Grassy Fields: That grassy patch may seem harmless, but remember no matter how cushy and springy that grass may look ...

  • Design into Reality (Almost)

    Heading into summer, things at SKORA are starting to heat up. We’ve had a really great and busy few weeks and are excited about a lot of things that are coming down the pike.

    We’re moving ever closer to the much-anticipated tester pairs. It’s thrilling to think that before long we will finally be running in the inaugural SKORA shoes - the journey has been long to get here.

    I’ve talked some about design versus reality when it comes to the shoes. Something that looks great on paper ...

  • Tips for Beginning Barefoot

    I touched briefly last week on the barefoot run when I talked about listening to your body when it comes to your training. I wanted to expand on that a bit, since I think a lot of people like the idea of barefoot running, but don’t know how to start or what to expect, so here is some food for thought on the effort.

    Running shoes have given us all this extra thickness to land on, causing us to land harder with every stride because our bodies are seeking a hard, stable surface. So, even ...

  • Your Body’s Natural Cues

    I’ve talked a lot over the last couple weeks about where we are with Skora; it’s really exciting to see the progress that is being made, and the momentum that is happening so swiftly. So I wanted to take a step back and talk a little about the why of Skora, why minimalist/barefoot running is important.

    At the end of the day, what it all comes down to is running naturally. Our body naturally gives us cues when it comes to how far and how fast we can run, and how it should feel to when we ...

  • Development Trip

    As I mentioned last week, I recently took a trip across the ocean to China to meet the folks who will be making our shoe and get to know the factory where the magic will happen. I went over for a week to the Guangdong Province of China. This was my first trip to Asia and it was really an incredible week.

    China as a country was a real eye-opening experience. Despite the madness of people, cyclists, scooters and cars on the streets, there was no road rage. It really drove home how much the ...

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