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  • Behind the Design: An Interview with Designer Richard Kuchinsky You’ve been involved with SKORA since the very beginning. Can you tell me how the concept for SKORA first started?

    RK: I met with SKORA CEO and Founder David Sypniewski in late 2007. In 2002, David, a runner, had been sidelined from injuries sustained while wearing conventional running shoes and had started barefoot running as a part of his recovery plan. He had an idea for an extremely minimal running shoe and brand and had asked me and my consultancy, The Directive ...

  • 500,000 steps and still going strong

    Shoe durability and longevity are reoccurring topics on forums and between runners when discussing shoe of choice. 300-500 miles is when most shoes are replaced. At this point in the life of a traditional shoe, EVA compression may become noticeable to the runner, affecting his or her running form. However, a shoe with a well built sole may have its upper fall apart far before the sole wears through.

    A good pair of shoes with plenty of miles on them fits like an old baseball glove. Perfectly ...

  • BASE & FORM Reviewed

    We're thrilled with all of the great reviews on the BASE and FORM models over the past few weeks. In case you missed them, here are a few highlights:

    A shoe for the serious runner: Wired Magazine
    Find your natural form with SKORA (FORM Reviewed): (video)
    First Look - WOW! (FORM Reviewed): Gumption Gear
    SKORA Redefines Minimalist (BASE Reviewed):
    SKORA FORM review:
    FORM Takes on the World’s Finest (FORM reviewed): Average Guy Hits ...

  • Video spotlight on

    We were invited to talk about our shoes at's booth at The Running Event, this past December. Great time meeting Mario Fraioli and his crew.

    We talk a little about what makes the FORM shoe so unique. Watch the video here.

  • The Running Event 2011

    SKORA TRE 2011 Booth

    The Running Event (TRE) earlier this month in Austin, TX was SKORA’s first trade show and brand launch. Pulling off an event like this is not exactly...relaxing. But, hard work has its rewards.

    For us, the greatest reward was finally being able to share our story, face-to-face, with shoes in hand. With so much buildup, excitement, speculation, you name it - the moment the booth was complete with lights on and shoes hanging - was the moment it all felt so Real.

    SKORA’s reception was ...

  • First Catalog Photoshoot

    Our first real photoshoot reaffirms SKORA’s (long-awaited) launch is nearing ever closer.

    Our day started early on a foggy Portland morning, the last weekend of October. With a crew of five: photographer, assistant, digital tech and two athletes. We took on the challenge of shooting in 5 locations throughout Portland, guerrilla-style...

    We were fortunate to work with an amazing sports photographer that gets what we're about, and real runners that happen to look great in front of the ...

  • The Wait is Almost Over

    There have been loads of comments lately on our Facebook page like these:

    “I can't wait for these shoes!”
    “What's taking so long?”
    “We have to wait until February?”
    “Why do they cost so much?”

    We thought it might be time for a little introspection.

    As many of you know the SKORA journey started years ago when David was trying to find solutions to his chronic injuries, and discovered barefoot running. After finally being able to run pain-free, he started looking for performance ...

  • Testing in a Run Real World

    SKORA tester pairs
    In August we invited a group of runners to help us test the latest version of our Base and Form shoe models. (blatant plug: SKORA Shoes In Stores February 2012!)

    We really wanted to get some big miles on the shoes and hear from real runners about what we did right, and most importantly, what we did wrong when we designed our shoes.

    Runners filled out surveys that helped us determine which runners would be the best suited to give us fast, helpful feedback. It was very important for us to find ...

  • First reactions

    Every year in early August thousands of active and outdoorsy types descend on Salt Lake City, Utah for the Outdoor Retailer Show. There are over 1000 booths filled with everything you could ever want for hiking, climbing, paddling, camping and just about every other sport you could ever imagine doing outside... and even some you can’t imagine people do anywhere.

    There is a great representation of shoe companies at OR, and while most of them are more traditional in their footwear selection, ...

  • Does Barefoot Running Cause Injuries?


    [Image credit: ClintJCL]

    For all of the articles that pop up out there about barefoot running and it’s benefits, there are some naysayers out there. Recently, Matt Fitzgerald wrote about the topic on

    The article goes on to raise a pretty hefty case against the barefoot/natural running movement, asserting that we should look beyond just feet when considering the biomechanics of barefoot running, and include potential spinal issues and existing bio-structural problems.


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