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  • Supportive Shoe Wearers & SKORA


    From supportive shoes to SKORA neutral shoes

    All of our footwear is neutral, meaning there is no built in motion control or stability.

    This is often worrisome for those who have habitually worn supportive shoes and may be concerned about purchasing neutral footwear.

    Below are a few recent reviews from SKORA customers who have mentioned their use of supportive shoes and now our neutral options. Read More

  • Running VS Jogging

    Are you running or jogging?

    This is an interesting thought, but what is running?

    We're not referring to the philosophical question of "am I a runner?" or "when can I call myself a runner?" but more about the physical act of running vs not running.

    Read More
  • How I Beat Piriformis Syndrome

    How I healed my piriformis problems

    The most persistent injury I've experienced was a true pain in the butt.

    If you're familiar with piriformis, you know I'm not being cheeky. It's literally a pain in the butt.

    Here's how I managed to take control of this issue.  Read More

  • There's No Such Thing as Overuse Injuries?

    How best avoid injury when increasing training

    As a running athlete and coach, over-use seemed to be the most common cause of injury.

    This means overusing or stressing a part of the body beyond what it can recover and adapt to.

    The main cause of this is two-fold, first from over-loading the body with something (volume, new shoes, speedwork, etc) that it is not adapted to and not giving the body appropriate time and opportunity to heal and adapt, but instead continuing to train.

    However, new research has suggested that while all of this may hold true, the terminology may need some modifying.  Read More

  • How I Easily Lowered my Sugar Intake

    How I gave up added sugar

    I gave up coffee for a summer.

    Didn't have any alcohol for a full winter.

    I've not eaten meat in about a decade, no problem.

    However, as someone who used to weigh 80 pounds heavier, my diet has been a struggle for half my life. For the life of me, up until last year, sugar and processed junk food has gotten the best of me.

    Yet, I now feel more comfortable with what I eat than I ever have before.

    Here's how I  did it.  Read More

  • Why You Should Rotate Shoes

    Why you should rotate your running shoes.


    800 miles on these bad boys.

    (way more on the legs)

    Question: Why do shoes possibly need to be replaced before they fall apart?

    Answer: Read More

  • How to Run in the Wind

    How to run in the wind.

    Running in the wind sucks.

    But, the only other options on a windy day are to not run or run indoors. Also, sucky options.

    So, let's suck it up and run in the wind. Here's how. Read More

  • Best SKORA for Triathlon

    Our best triathlon shoe?

    For the short course triathlete, seconds count.

    Transition 2 from the bike to the run is a quick bustle of excitement and nerves.

    Jumping off the bike, racking it, throwing your shoes on without thought, don't forget to remove your helmet!

    If you're a triathlete considering a pair of our shoes, there is a best model. Read More

  • Top Reasons to Run Hills

    Why you should run hills

    Top Reason to Run Hills!

    1. The view at the top
    2. It's satisfying
    3. They make you stronger.
    4. It helps with most feet climbed in your Strava goup.
    5. Cruise on downhill.
    6. You're gonna have to race uphill, may as well train uphill.
    7. Max hill sprints make you feel powerful.
    8. ...What's yours?

    You may also like: Elevation Motivation

  • How to run in a Calorie Deficit

    How to safely run while in a calorie deficit.

    With the winter coming to a close soon enough, many people are possibly in the midst of their base building phase and approaching more specific work to prepare for racing. 

    For many, race weight is likely on their mind.

    If you're looking to lose weight for health reasons, this article may not be for you. If you want to lose weight to run faster, read on! Read More

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