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  • Operation Covert Marathon - Race Recap

    By: Mandy Stoesz

    On a whim, I decided to register for my 11th full marathon in mid-March. Over the winter months I maintain a long run of 10-13 miles, so I had a good base built and figured I would give it a go.

    A little back story: After a spectacularly awful marathon experience at Twin Cities Marathon in October 2014, I had vowed to never race another open marathon;

    Ever again.

    You see, I have a love hate relationship with marathoning. I have been running since 2008, and did my first ...

  • Weekend Reads

    2015-04-14 15.44.54

    We're always on the lookout for awesome articles to share with you.

    Here are some of our faves!

    Foot Strike Patterns in Tarahumara Runners Wearing Huarache Sandals vs. Conventional Shoes

    Run Blogger: Foot Strike Patterns in Tarahumara Runners Wearing Sandals vs Shoes


     Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.14.14 AM

    Run to the Finish: Understanding Body Fat - How to Measure, What it Means, and Why


    Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.16.21 AM

    Athletics Weekly: How to Look for and Combat Iron Deficiency.  


    Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.18.50 AM

    No Meat Athlete: Sleep Matters: 7 Ideas for Doing it Better 



    Strength Running: 6 Experts on Running Form Cues, Fixes, and Technique Changes

  • 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Run on a Treadmill


    The treadmill.

    Or the dreadmill, if you have such strong feelings.

    There are multiple reasons to get on the machine and do some work.

    However, below are five fantastic reasons to avoid the machine at all costs. The outdoors has far better views than you'll ever find at a gym, and it's open 24/7 on weekends and holidays.

  • SKORA Designer Interview

    Interview with SKORA designer Richard Kuchinsky.

    With the launch of the TEMPO, we'd like to introduce you to the mind behind the shoes!

    Please introduce yourself.

    My name is Richard Kuchinsky. I am the Owner/Principal of The Directive Collective, a design consultancy. I have been responsible for SKORA product and brand design since the very start. I’ve been in the footwear industry for more than 14 years and am also a runner.

    Give us a little background behind the birth of this shoe.

    TEMPO was created to offer a runner the perfect balance ...

  • Tempo Running Kit Giveaway!

    Enter to win a full running kit from SKORA Running!

    The contest is over, and the winner will be contacted. Thanks for all that entered!

    To celebrate the launch of the all-new TEMPO, we're giving away two awesome running kits!

    This exclusive kit is valued at over $500 and includes:

    • -SKORA TEMPO running shoes
    • -Pro Compression socks
    • -Energy Bits sampler
    • -BodyGlide 3-pack
    • -Orange Mud Hydraquiver
    • -Nuun Energy sampler
    • -Yurbuds earbuds
    • -OnlyAtoms running top
    • -InsideTracker $100 giftcard + Nutritional Consultation


    Enter below. Ready, Set, Go! ...

  • Tempo Introduction

    Quick video with the deets on the new TEMPO running shoe from SKORA!

    Everyone here at SKORA is super stoked for the launch of our newest model, the TEMPO!

    Over the coming weeks we will be sharing videos and reviews of the shoe, so you can learn more about the model and make an educated decision and know how it compares to our other models.

    Above, I do a quick intro of the shoe. You can also read more about it on the fact sheet below. And as always, please be sure to speak up if you have any questions!

    All the deets on the new TEMPO.Please feel free to ...

  • An Interview with our CEO

    Interview with David Sypniewski of SKORA Running

    You're not going to want to miss this!

    From how SKORA all started over a decade ago to what David has in his head for five years down the road.

    Thanks to our friends over at Running NW for the interview!

    Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest sale and article news!

  • Heading to Boston - Nathan Brown


    The final of the three pre-Boston SKORA ambassador interviews after Jeremy and Tad, here's Nathan "Coach Beast" Brown!

    How and why did you start running? 

    My brothers signed up for a local city track meet, so I signed up too! The competition of foot races was unlike any other sport I had played up to that point or since! I love running but I feed off competition

    You’re running the 2015 Boston Marathon. This is quite the feat and requires qualification. What would you say are your top 3 ...

  • Skills You Need to Run Well

    Skills you need to run well.

    You've probably realized already that being a runner is not just going out and running.

    Having success (happiness?) as an athlete is a combination of many small tasks and skills thrown together.

    These are the little things.

    Things we may not realize early on in our running, but they tend to always show up either on purpose or on their own.

    Perhaps one of the below skills needs bit of a refresher in your head? Hopefully you can recognize this and take the reminder to heart!

    Ability to Run Easy


  • Heading to Boston: Tad Kardis

    Continuing with the Boston Marathon bound ambassador interviews, Tad is up next!

    Tell the readers a bit about yourself. How and why did you start running?

    I didn’t start really running until about age 39. Years ago, I thought of myself as a soccer player, and running was just a necessary evil to get in shape to play soccer. I ran in my 20s and 30s to stay in shape, sort of. Approaching 40, I resolved to get rid of 40 pounds that had mysteriously accumulated on my torso, so I started running ...

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