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  • What to do if you're overtrained

    First we discussed an important method of not becoming overtrained.

    Next was a bit about how to determine if you are indeed experiencing this syndrome.

    Part 3 in our series on overtraining comes if you do indeed find yourself with a case of overtraining. What to do next?

    Stop training
    Most importantly, you should cease all training for at least a week! Training in an overtrained state is not doing your body, mind, or mood any favors. You must return to your set point before getting back into ...

  • SKORA Form Review

    "There's no way to describe the ride in this shoe except unbelievable. It's a perfect fit for my wide foot, with a comfortable upper that hugs my foot, but isn't nearly as tight as the PureConnect line, which has been referred to as a second skin by several runners I've talked to. The road feel is something that I really liked about this shoe. In fact, there is very little that I don't like about the Skora Forms. My one complaint is that the leather upper isn't as breathable as some of my ...

  • Why people slow down during marathons

    We all feel amazing at mile 6.

    Yet the all too common and seemingly inevitable occurs.

    The slowing of pace during the second half of a marathon.

    It is almost universally experienced by distance athletes. If you've covered 26.2 miles, you have likely dealt with this yourself. Luckily a single strategy can generally overcome this obstacle. But, what causes this slowing, and how can we deal with it?

    If you cover the first 13.1 miles too quickly, that mistake now has another 13.1 miles to express ...

  • Lightweight

  • How to know if you're overtrained

    There is a very fine line between regular training fatigue and overtraining.

    We've talked about how to avoid overtraining, but what if you find yourself on the edge of falling into it?

    Part of the reason why this is such a difficult subject is because there really is no "edge". You don't wake up one morning and suddenly find yourself overtrained. It happens over weeks and even months.

    Here are some warning signs:

    Failing workouts or not progressing
    This is where not only having a training log ...

  • Weekend Long Read

    To go along with your long run this weekend, we hope you enjoy these long reads as well.

    Muscle Mass with Age | Mark Lofquist at Paleo Runners | "Can we maintain muscle mass over age like we had in our 'youthful' 40s?"

    The 'Busy' Trap | Tim Kreider at The New York Times | "I am not busy. I am the laziest ambitious person I know."

    Hydration During Running | Matt Fitzgerald at Competitor | "It is not necessary to use a sports drink every time you lace up your shoes. Go ahead and use plain water ...

  • Review: SKORA Phase

    2:39 marathoner and USA Track & Field certified coach, Jason Fitzgeral, recently reviewed the SKORA Phase.

    In the review, Jason discusses three shoe characteristics that are "deal breakers" for him when it comes to wearing a shoe or not. If a shoe has any of these three features, the shoe is automatically disqualified.
    1) Flared Heel
    2) Arch Support
    3) Beefy Sole

    These also happen to be characteristics we avoid in our own shoes, and we could not agree with Jason more!

    Check out the review ...

  • Manitou Incline

    Manitou Springs Incline

  • Articles of Interest

    To go along with your long run this weekend, we hope you enjoy these long reads as well.

    How to Fall Asleep Like a Boss | David Dellanave | "If you're already breathing and drinking water, there's nothing more important than improving your sleep." 

    9 Lies to Unlearn Before it's too Late | Marc & Angel Hack Life by Marc | "Go ahead and take a look around; the busy people outnumber the productive people by a wide margin. Perhaps you’re one of them."

    New Study Suggests Heel Striking is ...

  • National Running Day Giveaway!

    June 5th is National Running Day, and we want to see where you Run Real!

    Until Friday June 7th at midnight, all you have to do to enter is share a photo on our Facebook page of where you "celebrate" running! This could be your local forest or bike trail to a photo of yourself during a race last weekend.

    1 entry per person, but if there are SKORA shoes in the photo that person will receive a bonus entry.

    Two winners of a 100% off code at our website will be announced this weekend, good luck!

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