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  • How to Deal with Race Day Disappointment

    We’ve all had those races.

    You go in to an event and expect to do well. Hopefully everything goes your way.

    You plan everything, your training is excellent, your nutrition is exactly what you need it to be and everything just seems perfect.

    But then the race happens.

    Much like life, there is always something that you can’t plan for, nor expect. Sometimes it’s something small that you can overcome, while other times it’s something that completely ruins your race and you can’t recover. ...

  • Zero Drop Conversion

    I ran consistently from 7th grade through my freshman year at the University of Florida.

    This stretch included logging many a mile in whatever shoe seemed stylish or cheap or eventually highly rated, supportive shoes. They got me through track and cross country; I paid little attention to them other than function.

    When I returned to consistent training post college, I had goals in mind, run long races, tackle what seemed impossible. I failed and did so a lot. Injuries were my bane. After years ...

  • Appreciate the Beauty

    I set goals.

    Love making to-do lists.

    I am what you might call, competitive.

    I carefully plan my distances and set schedules for running pace.

    Making plans appeals to my inner-type A and I enjoy putting in the time to hit my goals and savor the feeling of pride each time I've accomplished one. I never thought I would run a race without being fully prepared and (gasp) actually enjoy it.

    I set up my race schedule in January this year, like I do every year (of course I need a plan a year in ...

  • Sweet Summer Sweat

    When spring and summer hits, many people run earlier or later in the day to avoid the heat.

    Some are not so lucky to have such a flexible schedule, for many it is becoming more important to pay closer attention to the thermostat.

    When it comes to acclimatizing to the heat, sweating is the name of the game. This is a skill the body naturally has, yet through technique and training, it can be improved.

    Where does heat come from?

    1) Metabolic heat from breaking down fuel during exercise
    2) ...

  • Dealing with Injuries, the SKORA Way

    When injury strikes, be it mild or severe, the first things we usually go to as runners are ice, NSAIDs, or a local sports doctor. All of these are great options for treating injuries quickly, but how can we keep them from recurring or even occurring in the first place? In order to truly recover from an injury, you have to get to the root of the problem. This often lies with structural abnormalities, muscle imbalance, or inefficient biomechanics.

    This article will present how using SKORA ...

  • Hobbit Feet

    Feet are an awkward subject. We cram them into stilettos, stiff leather, and steel-toes for the workaday world. We kick off our shoes with a sigh at the end of a long day. When life gets us down We seek the feeling of sand between our toes. A post on feet might seem odd, but being a minimalist runner, outdoorsman, and budding sartorialist, I thought I'd accumulate my knowledge of feet in a single place.

    Real "Barefoot/Minimalist" Running

    Your feet are workhorses: twenty-six bones, thirty-three ...

  • Art of the Easy Run

    Easy runs are the foundation that all other training is built upon.

    For new athletes, the best way for them to improve is to simply increase the frequency and duration that they run at a nice low effort. Whether it's the beginning of your running life or the beginning of your marathon training cycle, it all should start with easy running. The speed and hard workouts come later.

    What is an Easy Run?
    Easy runs are not meant to build fitness as much to flush out the legs, loosen them up, and ...

  • Product Review: SKORA Form

    "After a month, the materials are holding up well; the sole appears to have less wear than I would have thought, too. The fit is true to size; I am officially a size 8, right on the line between EE and EEE for width, so I order an 8W from Amazon and receive an 8. After emailing Skora about how to tell the wide from the standard sizes I learned that they don’t make wide sizes, but some retailers carry them as both wide and standard widths because of the wider toe box. As it turns out, I ...

  • Triathlon Transitions

    We asked a couple Team SKORA members about their triathlon transition zones. Here's what they had to say!

    Swimming, cycling, running.
    Adam Sierakowski, Baltimore

    Those three disciplines take years of devotion to master, but we triathletes must remember that there is one additional discipline that can also make or break our race: the transitions.

    In races where every second counts and we work so hard to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, we must not neglect the time we spend ...

  • Earndit + Gympact

    Being paid to train is a dream of many amateur athletes.

    Money is a strong motivator. Imagine how much stronger it becomes if you can also be penalized with it.

    During a Mayo Clinic study, participants who were paid or penalized $20 for reaching or failing a weight loss goal were nearly 3 times more likely to even complete the 12 month program than those who had no financial incentives.

    Consider a professional athlete. For them, financial motivation can mean having food on the table or not. If ...

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