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X-1 Waterproof Smartphone Armband

Many endurance athletes bring their smartphones with them while out training. Perhaps they enjoy listening to music, podcasts, or use the phone as a GPS. Whatever the reasons, having a proper case to protect such a valuable device is important.

Here in the Pacific NW of the US, we receive our fair share of rain showers. Having a well build and waterproof smartphone case is a wise investment. The X-1 (previously H20 Audio) Amphibx case has done a fantastic job throughout many types of weather. Numerous times the case has protected my iPhone from surprise rain showers, where I regular case would have been useless. This case is also perfectly suited for those cold midwest winters to protect your electronics from the snow. Even in the summer or on a treadmill, this waterproof case will protect an iPhone from any amount of sweat buildup.

If you wish to go a step farther, true waterproof earbuds (they work, I have used them) can be purchased from X-1 separately or with a case.

Features Include:
Waterproof, Weatherproof, Sweatproof
Breathable velco and mesh strap, with a case that sits just off of the arm with minimal skin contact (less risk of chaffing)
Adjustable Velcro armband fits most arm sizes. Wrap it around your aero handlebars to turn your iPhone into a waterproof road computer. Remove the armband from the sturdy D-rings to throw the case in your pocket or gym bag for protection that can go wherever you do.
Even with the device inside and armband attached the Amphibx Fit will float.

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