• Minimal Shoes VS Racing Flats

    Minimal shoes vs Racing flats.

    Often people confuse the these two types of shoes, because both are lighter than your typical training shoe.

    However, there are key differences to consider when looking at options. Read More

  • Representation

    Runners represent all runners

    While out on a run near a local news station's broadcast building I frequently see employee cars being driven to and from the location. These vehicles of course have decals on them with the name of the news station.

    One day, one of them blew through a stop sign. It was then I realized that person in that car represented the entire news station to me, and they just blew through a stop sign! How do you think that made me think of the news station?

    Then this made me consider, it's possible that to the drivers that I see out during my running, I represent the entire running community to them. Read More

  • Purposes of the Long Run

    Purposes of the long run.

    Long training sessions are a defining characteristic of endurance training. All athletes know they need to be done, but many often do not consider why. Below is a list of many of the important benefits for performing such a workout. Read More

  • Best SKORAs for Winter Running

    Best SKORAs for the winter.

    "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear choices."

    With winter upon much of the northern latitudes, winter gear selection must be considered.  Read More

  • Muddy Etiquette

    Etiquette for muddy trails.

    A lot of planning and work goes into making a single track trail.

    I didn't know this until I was able to help create a trail, as seen in the above photo. I had no idea how much planning and work went into this! Every little turn and path is planned. The contour of the hill is taken into consideration. You're shown how to shape the path so water can run freely off of it to prevent pooling. Read More

  • When to replace your shoes?

    When to replace running shoes?

    How long do our shoes last?

    When should a runner replace their shoes?

    First, lets look at the general shoe retirement advice. Read More

  • Shoe Care

    Shoe care advice to keep your footwear going strong.

    You work hard for your money.

    If you're reading this, odds are you've invested in a pair of athletic shoes.

    Maybe (hopefully!) even a pair of ours!

    Now, it's time to learn how to take care of them so they last as long as possible and keep you moving in comfort.  Read More

  • What is a "wave start"?

    bolder boulder wave start.

    "What wave!?"

    This is a big question at larger races.

    If you've never attended an event with thousands of participants, this is something you may have never experienced. Read More

  • How & Why to Run Without a GPS

    How to Run Naked. Photo: Mark Warren

    Throw on some shoes and go.

    Running is often seen as this simple sport.

    Yet, with the speed at which electronics are improving these days, you can make something so simple, convoluted.

    Read More
  • Your Treadmill Training Guide

    Your Ultimate Treadmill Training Guide

    There's no doubt that treadmills don’t get a lot of respect.

    Whatever your opinion of this machine, chances are you have ran on it or will at some point.

    For those who may only run on the dreadmill once a month to those who will spend most of the winter on it, here’s your comprehensive guide to treadmill training. Read More

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