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  • SKORA Mother/Daughter Shoe Review


    Skora Running Shoes:  A Mother/Daughter Review

    One of the best things about being a mom is sharing my love of running with my children. My oldest daughter has taken on her own love of running and now encourages me to be out there, trying new trails, learning new terrain, laughing all the way. It is tough to find a running shoe that can keep up with our mild trails and road running. Combine that with the growth injury that my daughter has, and it makes it very difficult to find the right shoe. Read More

  • ITBS Reading Guide

    How to beat ITBS

    As both a coach and someone who has ran thousands of miles, I've learned a thing or two about injuries.

    The primary lesson is that they are almost always from a combination of doing too much too soon before your body is ready and not giving your body ample opportunity to adapt and recover to the training load.

    Illiotibial Band Friction Syndrome is a hotly debated subject. The human body is a complicated piece of machinery and as much as we like to pretend, we actually don't know that much about how it works. For example, a new muscle was recently discovered! With ITBS, if you click on 10 articles you'll likely see a number of different causes and resolutions.

    Below are just a couple methods that may resolve the discomfort.  Read More

  • Cycling Shoes with Wide Toeboxes

    Cycling shoes for wide feet

    Our shoes are built with the belief in mind that shoes should not constrict the feet, but allow them to move naturally.

    This include an ample toebox so the toes can spread. This both improves stability but also decreases blister risk.

    While we do not make cycling shoes, we are occasionally asked about comparable bike or triathlon shoes. Below are some great recommendations for wide footed cyclists! Read More

  • Sir Roger Bannister


    The first person to break the 4 minute barrier in the mile, was born on this date in 1929.

    Aside from his obvious athletic achievements he was also a skilled neurologist, first chairman of Sport England, a British Knight, and has carried the Olympic flame.

    Let us go from his childhood, through the famous race, and afterwards, in his own words.

    Read More
  • Your Guide to Increasing your Iron Intake

    Your guide to nutritional iron

    Adequate iron in your blood is crucial to performing your best.

    Iron in red blood cells helps transport oxygen to your muscles and inadequate levels is referred to as anemia.

    A blood test for anemia is quite easy to do, and it may be worth it. One study found that 56% of those tested had low levels!

    So, let's say you want to safeguard your iron levels. What should you know? Read More

  • Recovery Runs are Not for Recovery

    Recovery runs do not exist

    Recovery runs don't exist.

    What you think of as a recovery run does not enhance recovery.

    Let's dig a bit deeper. Read More

  • Replacement for New Balance Minimus & Brooks PureConnect

    Replacements for the discontinued PureConnect and Minimus

    With the New Balance Minimus and Brooks PureConnect being discontinued, fans may be looking for an alternative shoe option.

    Below are a couple recent reviews from the our website where customers actually mentioned trying our shoes because of the discontinued Minimus.

    If you're looking for an option, definitely check out our CORE!

    Read More
  • Flat Feet and Neutral Shoes

    Neutral shoes for flat feet?

    For flat footed people, finding great shoes can be a challenge.

    Below are a number of recent reviews from our website written by people with flat feet, so you can hear from our customers themselves about their experiences! Read More

  • Running Belts

    running belt review

    There are numerous running belts available. Here we take a look at a few choices:

  • Supportive Shoe Wearers & SKORA


    From supportive shoes to SKORA neutral shoes

    All of our footwear is neutral, meaning there is no built in motion control or stability.

    This is often worrisome for those who have habitually worn supportive shoes and may be concerned about purchasing neutral footwear.

    Below are a few recent reviews from SKORA customers who have mentioned their use of supportive shoes and now our neutral options. Read More

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