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  • Keep Your Phone Alive in the Cold

    Prevent your mobile from shutting off blog

    There's few things more frustrating than being what you think is an hour into your first long and very cold run of the winter, only to find out that your mobile phone that you were using as a GPS has shut down due to the cold.

    Does the run count if it wasn't tracked?

    What do I do now?

    Do I continue? Read More

  • You're flying!

    You're not pounding the pavement, you're flying!

    When walking, one foot is always on the ground.

    When running, most of the time you're in the air.

    Consider this: If you take 180 steps per minute for a 9:00 mile, you took 1620 steps, if your foot is 12 inches long you were on the ground for 1620 feet and airborne for 3660 feet. 70% of the run you are in the air!

    So, you instead of thinking of running as pounding the pavement, think of running as flying!!!

    (originally adapted from a social post, author unknown)

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  • Steve Prefontaine

    SKORA Base Tribute for Prefontaine

    On this day in 1951, one of the most legendary US runners that will ever lived, was born.

    His legendary status comes not from his running achievements, but from his running mentality. He was a fierce competitor that was taken from the world far too early, but he lives on in the minds of runners worldwide.

    To celebrate the man, take some time to watch him in action and recognize his mindset. Read More

  • Coffee or Caffeine for Athletic Performance?

    Coffee or Caffeine for Sports Performance?

    Caffeine is a known athletic performance enhancer.

    But is using it as simple as grabbing a cup of joe before a race?

    Let's take a look at what the research and experts have to say about this. Read More

  • How to Run on Ice & How to Fall

    How to Safely Run over Snow and Ice!

    Running is typically without it sudden hard impacts.

    That changes when you slip on a slick surface and crash into the ground.

    Here, we'll give you the details on how to best run over slippery surfaces, and what to do if you fall.  Read More

  • How To Increase Intense Running

    How to safely progress into track workouts.

    It's common knowledge that for a new runner, simply running easy is optimal.

    That is, until they've built their "aerobic house" as Renato Canova would put it.

    But then, what do they do once this house is constructed?  Read More

  • Long Run Mistakes

    Long Run Mistakes

    The long run is crucial for those looking to succeed in distance running.

    Workouts such as these are also one of the most difficult and can require some care and mindfulness in their execution.

    Here are a few potential errors that could be made with this workout and how to avoid them! Read More

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