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  • Being Mindful of the Trail

    Ankle stability & mobility blog

    One of the benefits of trail running is that, compared to road running, the trail offers a greater variation in surfaces so you work your body differently with nearly every footstep.

    For the same reason running in different pairs of shoes regularly may decrease overuse injuries, so can trail running - Different shoes, different terrains, etc all load the legs slightly differently. This spreads out the loading and impact forces to a wider range of body structures rather than hitting the same spot over and over again. Read More

  • Summer Giveaway

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  • Unwritten Rules and Weird Runner Quirks

    We runners are sort of a breed of our own.

    As a group may have some odd habits that are exclusive to our own or perhaps to other endurance athletes of various sports.

    There are a multitude of interesting habits most of us likely practice that simply happen without being noticed. Or perhaps they're noticed but they seem completely normal.

    But then again, we're runners...we're not normal.

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  • Must-Do Events in Western SoDak

    Must-do events in western South Dakota, including the Victoria Secret Dirty Half.

    Western South Dakota is a special place in the midwest, if heading west from the center of the nation it is the start of the mountains in the northern US.

    The Black Hills National Forest of South Dakota and Wyoming contain 1.25 million acres of hills, trails, lakes, and forest. Meaning there are some darn good running locations!

    Below, I'll highlight my 5 favorite race locations in the Black Hills! Read More

  • Articles of Interest

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    We're always scouring the web looking for the best articles to pass on to you.

    Hope you learn something new! Read More

  • How to Love Your Run, Again


    I am sure I am not the only runner who sometimes struggles with a bit of a lack of motivation.

    Well, who am I trying to kid here? Complete lack of motivation. Yeah, it happens to the best of us.

    While it is completely normal to suffer a lack of motivation at times, I think we can all agree on the fact that it isn’t great... You may be in the middle of training for a race, or in between races and in need of starting up training for the next race and there it is, that feeling of just... Blah.

    You wake up at 4:30am, your normal running time, and there is just nothing (NOTHING) in your mind or body that says “Let’s run!”, the energy seem to be completely drained and the mind is screaming for more sleep. Or just anything but running.

    So, what can we do to get past this obstacle? Read More

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