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  • Best SKORAS for the Trail

    Best SKORAs for trail running

    While we do not make trail specific shoes, we do have a couple models that will be perfectly adequate for all but the most wet and muddy trails, and even then you may be good. Read More

  • How to Pick Running Shoes

    "A good shoe cannot help you win races or run faster, but a shoe not fit for your running needs or foot shape can no doubt impede your ability to run well."

    How to pick the optimal shoe for you may be one of the most misunderstood aspects of running.

    For years it was standard practice to go into a specialty running store and have the employees examine your feet for how they are shaped and in what way they move. Read More

  • Top Training Mistakes

    Your event, be it 26.2 or 3.1 miles, doesn't really care what you did the week before the race.

    It doesn't even worry too much about the two months before that.

    What is is concerned with is your frequency, consistency, and volume of miles over the long term. Read More

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