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  • Happy Feet

    Hi SKORA,

    I've been running in your shoes for the past year now, and as far as I am concerned I will never, ever need to buy another brand of running shoe. Ever.

    But now, I am realizing that Skora shoes are also really great walking shoes. I have a pair I only wear for errands, nature walks, city walks, traveling, etc. They are the most comfortable shoes I have.

    But wait! There's more! I am a massage therapist and for years I have been struggling to find a comfy shoe to work in. I began wearing minimalist shoes for massage work a few years ago. Deep tissue massage in particular requires lots of lunges and squats. Most shoes tire my feet and trap my ankle. That's when I realized that minimalist shoes are the best to wear for this work. My Skoras allow proper range of motion for my ankles and they really support my lower legs, knees, hips- my entire structure! I actually feel like I am strengthening my muscles as I work now.

    There's so much mass production in the world. Quality has taken a turn for the worse. It makes me frustrated. But then I come across a real quality product; something you can see that was created by real people with a focus to help people live better. There's a place for these shoes in this world. Not just for runners, but for everyone. I think they encourage us to move, which is a pretty terrific thing.

    So thank you, thank you, thank you for making the best all around shoe!!

    Regards, Happy Feet :)

    -- Tara Bauman, LMT Elements of Wellness, LLC

  • Carb Loading - For the Masses

    Ah...the pre-race pasta dinner.

    It is an endurance event tradition.

    You know the drill. Packet pickup is the evening before a race. Maybe it is at a convention center, and they have a pasta dinner there. Perhaps there are some Italian restaurant coupons in the race bag. Or maybe you already have a dinner location picked out.

    Whatever the case, many athletes use the "oh, I'm carb loading" excuse to gorge themselves on any type of carbohydrate the day before a big event.

    Carbohydrate loading is the practice of fully replenishing glycogen, or stored carbohydrate, for use during the race. Supersaturation can even occur, where the body stores more than it normally would.

    "Big race tomorrow! I'm eating garlic bread, beef stroganoff, GS cookies, and a beer - all guilt free carbs today!"

    Most athletes who are targeting an event of 90 or more minutes will likely benefit from carbohydrate loading.

    The issue is that darn pre-race pasta dinner!

    Take into consideration the taper, during the week or two prior to the event. Volume is reduced. If you are adequately eating, this alone will help top off your glycogen stores. That's perfect if you do it during the days before an event.


    Like the tweet at the top of this page says, the pre-race pasta dinner is most definitely not going to glycogen, as you have likely maximized your storage capabilities by this time.

    Where is it going?

    Well, your butt, hips, and stomach.

    The pasta also will stick around throughout the night and show up the next morning - hopefully before the race starts!

    So, what should you eat the night before an event?

    During the race, many will benefit from having as little amount of solid food in their GI system as possible. This reduces excess weight and the need for toilet use before/during a run.


    Evening: Ice Cream - Easily digested for most. Contains carbs, protein, and fat. Tastes great. Fruit & Veggies - High in sugar and nutrients. Mostly water so they hydrate. Before long runs, experiment with high or low fiber meals, to find what works. Quinoa, Couscous, Orzo, Rice, Sweet Potatoes - Great alternatives to pasta, but don't eat too much.

    Morning: Again, keep it light! You have a few thousand calories of glycogen and many thousand calories of fat on your body. That, along with the calories you will take in while running, will be plenty to fuel you to the finish line. A simple gel works for many people. Some like a bit more with oatmeal or a bagel. If you want solid food, Thunderbird or Bearded Brother bars are great. Again, experiment with your long runs!

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  • Run Real is in our sole

  • Things that are awesome about running

    This was originally posted at, a new family owned clothing brand from western New York. Their first set of shirts (our favorite pictured above) recently went off of pre-order status, so be sure to check them out!

    Currently I have two fitness pursuits - crossfit and running. While I found crossfit less than two years ago, I have been a lifelong runner and have trouble going to sleep at night if I haven't recorded at least a few miles. I put together this quick list of things I love about running - I hope you like it. Feel free to comment and share your own.

    1) The simple fact that no matter how far or short you've run - you can always choose to run a few more steps, one more sprint or another mile. Running is freedom.

    2) I love seeing people running at odd hours like 5 a.m. or 10 p.m. at night. There's an understanding when you make eye contact with another runner at that time. They understand it's a healthy addiction and that they do what it takes to make sure the runs happen.

    3) I love that my girlfriend loves to run and that we can count on one or two quality time runs a week even with our crazy schedules.

    4) I love finding new gear and trying new shoes.

    5) I love that there are NO SPEED LIMITS for runners. We go as fast or as slow as we must to get the miles in.

    6) I love that point in each run where your mind and body begin to tire and you think .. well I could turn back now and that would give me 3.5 and then you remember that the goal was 4 miles and you finish it out.

    7) I love how a great run feels the moment it's completed.

    8) I love the community. I look forward to the every other week #runchat on Twitter and all the awesome people who share their stories.

    9) I love 4 mile races. Four miles will always be my favorite distance.

    10) I love that moment when you get so exhausted in a run, that everything else fades away. Any negativity or bad thoughts from the day, any grudges or anger .. all of it's gone in those moments. All you can think about is - let's get this run done.

  • Running: The Challenge

    Runners are an odd bunch.

    We seek challenge and adversity in our lives. It’s easy to stay in and hang out on the couch, watching whatever is on the television, eating too many chips, or drinking too much of whatever is on tap.

    Most people would not find running a hundred miles as an enjoyable activity, but people do it anyway. It’s that thrill of striving for the unknown, and reaching your physical limit that motivates us as runners to push our selves every day.

    Even in our drive to push our capabilities though, we can become complacent in our training schedule. After a while, running can almost become routine. It goes from being an escape to another chore to check off in the box as completed.

    From one runner to another, I’m going to throw down the gauntlet.

    I challenge you to unplug

    Am I in my target heart rate? What’s my pace? Let me change that song, I’m not feeling it.

    The late great runner Steve Prefontaine once said “To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.” To give anything less than your total attention to the run, is to waste the opportunity. Modern technology is great, but if you become a slave to the computer strapped to your wrist, what are you learning about yourself? Find out what you are truly capable of, and learn how to pace yourself naturally. Give up the GPS and the MP3 player, and tune into your own rhythm.

    I challenge you to explore

    Repeating the same courses are great benchmarks for personal progress. Every now and then though, take the path less traveled. You may be surprised at what you might find. It could be a fantastic scenic road, you might find your new favorite restaurant, or it could be some obnoxious dog. You never know until you find out.

    I challenge you to dedicate time daily for stretching and conditioning

    That foam roller sitting in your corner only works when you use it. Don’t have a foam roller? Than improvise, lacrosse balls are great for busting up tight muscles. My personal favorite tool of torture is a piece of scrap PVC pipe. It does not take long to get some pushups and core work in, but consistency is critical. Take care of yourself; don’t use “I’m busy” as an excuse to not do the general maintenance. Use “I’m busy” as the reason to take just a few minutes a day for yourself and your health.

    I challenge you to run real

    Every day can be a new and exciting adventure. Albert Einstein said “Adversity introduces man to himself.” Seek out challenge in your life and reach your potential.

    Run Real SKORA Ambassador, Andrew McLean

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  • Weekend Long Read

    To go along with your long run this weekend, we hope you enjoy these long reads as well.

    His Simpler Life | The Times of India by Shrabonti Bagchi | "I just took that whole process of deciding what to wear out of my morning routine. Life became much simpler when I owned a few T-shirts, pants and one pair of chappals, "

    Fair Chase | Outside Magazine by Charles Bethea | "If the theory holds up, the antelope I'm watching will eventually tire and the men will catch it. Then they'll have to decide whether to kill it for food or let it go."

    Before You Bare | Running Times by Rami Hashish | "Barefoot running appears ideally suited for those who want to minimize load to the knee joint."

    Health of the Nation | Common Health by Rachel Zimmerman | According to a new national health statistics report out today analyzing five key health behaviors among U.S. adults — sufficient sleep, smoking, drinking, obesity, and physical activity — there are several bright spots.

  • Running should not hurt!

    I still can't believe that I used to run in heavily cushioned, motion control shoes with inserts.

    Finally, I decided to try shoes with less cushioning and after having been a heel striker for almost 28 years I worked hard at learning to run on my forefoot. I went through the painful calves and Achilles tendon period but eventually pulled through. Even tried a little barefoot running but I still need to continue to work on my form.

    This year I injured my knee on a hard trail run and was down with the flu. But when I started to run again I was in pain! My knees hurt, my shins hurt and I missed my running.

    I remember reading what Mr David Sypniewski said, that "Running should not hurt—ever" I liked what he said about real running.

    I decided to get the Skora Form. I just started to run a few short runs in them. The knee pain is almost completely gone. My shins feel great, my legs feel fresh again. My Achilles tendon is slightly tender at the beginning of the run but it soon goes away. Today I got the "RunReal" feeling where I was running the way I should, the rhythm was there, and the moment where your mind starts to drift. I was running again!!!

    Therefore I just had write to thank you for a great product! I love the leather, although my wife was concerned about the goat, and the quality is excellent. But now I have found a great shoe I just want to run more. This is real.

    Big thanks to Timothy in S. Africa for the email. These really make all the hard work we do worth it!

  • Consistency is King


    "Eating seven apples on Saturday night instead of one a day just isn't going to get the job done." Read More

  • On the Trail

  • How to run faster, now

    There is no secret to running faster.

    However, there are little tricks you can implement before and on race day to get you through the distance sooner.

    Here are a few methods of finishing anything from a 5k to a 100 mile ultra marathon faster. And the best thing is they have absolutely nothing to do with your fitness level or training! Read More

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