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  • Unfinished Man - Form Reviewed

    This review of the Form from Unfinished Man is not a runner's review, but from a parkourist point of view. Parkour is a physical discipline of movement focused on overcoming obstacles.

    What can a runner take from a review of the Form by someone that does parkour? It is that the shoe is very capable and functional when it comes to dealing with movements and situations that require good ground feel (proprioception) and stability. Many believe shoes with a minimal heel to toe drop and less material in the sole allow your feet to feel and move more naturally compared to a traditional running shoe.

    "I always find it difficult to objectively review minimalist running shoes, because by their very nature, I feel they are, in general, far better than “traditional” running shoes by being so much thinner and lighter. Having said that, I enjoyed reviewing the FORM more than any other running shoe in recent memory."

  • 2012 Cremator 50 Mile Race Report

    On July 21, SKORA runner Max surpassed even his own ambitions at the Cremator 50 mile ultra marathon.

    This is one of the most difficult 50 mile road ultra marathons in the world. Taking place in South Carolina during peak summer temps. No doubt, the devil would break out in a sweat! During the first running of the event last year, the heat index hit 121 degrees with the asphalt hitting 138!

    Read more about Max's race at his blog, Beyond the Pavement.

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