• How to Run an Evening Race

    How to run an evening race

    It's fairly typical for most running events to take place in the mornings when temperatures are cooler.

    This is convenient because it's hard to screw up the 12 hours pre-morning race since you're likely sleeping for most of it. However with a PM event you have plenty of time and opportunity to sabotage the event.

    Let's dive in to a few pointers to prevent this from happening. Read More

  • How to Run with a Dog*

    How to run with a dog.

    *that stops and pees every two minutes.

    You probably would not be here if your dog was such that he or she can run along with you on or off a leash without hindering your running groove.

    However, if your dog is the type that constantly loves to stop and smell or pee on the roses, here are a few tricks or tips to help your training.  Read More

  • Your Guide to Running Defensively

    Tips on being a safe runner

    While out running we're among other pedestrians, cyclists, and traffic.

    There's a lot going on out there, and every little thing we all do to help prevent accidents goes a long way to increasing the safety of everyone.

    Below are a number of thoughts and considerations you can take to be as safe as possible while out running!

    Read More
  • Race Recap - Rendezvous Hill Climb

    Sometimes we enter races, but does that actually mean we are going to “run”?

    The Rendezvous Hill Climb hosted by Teton Trail Runners and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is one of these races for me and I know I’m not alone! Read More

  • Power of the Placebo

    Power of the placebo effect on running and cycling.

    The placebo effect is one of the most fascinating aspects of athletics.

    It takes that which should not work, adds in a sprinkling of faith from the user, and splits out improved performance.

    How this happens is a combination of a reduction in perceived effort (how hard something feels) and an increase in your potential motivation.

    Below, we'll go through some studies that have tested the placebo and discuss how you can use it yourself!

    Read More
  • When is the Safest Time of the Day to Run

    When is the safest time to run?

    Female runner safety has been a hot topic lately with the tragic three incidents recently where female runners were killed within a nine day period in unrelated events.

    On Reddit a member asked about suggestions, now that her 4am running partner was no longer able to make the early morning runs.

    That made me think, when is the safest time of the day to run? Read More

  • Your Guide - Run Crazy Horse 13.1 / 26.2

    Run Crazy Horse Elevation Profile

    One of the fastest races in South Dakota, the Crazy Horse Half and Full isn't as easy as the net downhill would let you believe.

    Let's tackle some of the ins and outs of this rails to trails course! Read More

  • Run Lock Review

    Run Lock Review

    This summer I was volunteering as a course marshall towards the finish of a tail run.

    I was waiting for all runners to come through and a lady who had ran passed already came coming up the trail, going the wrong direction.

    She frantically asked me if anyone had given me or mentioned a dropped key fob. I said no and she grudgingly continued back on the race course in search of her key.

    The Run Lock is designed to prevent this from ever happening.

    Read More
  • Running Form Analysis

    Screenshot 2016-07-28 12.44.40

    Recently I provided video of myself running to Run Smart Online for an analysis of my technique.

    While the below thoughts and considerations are based on my own movements and weaknesses, there is much that you can learn about running form by watching the videos. It's likely you'll learn something new that you can apply to yourself!  Read More

  • Why did I get light-headed post-race/run?

    This is a not altogether rare occurrence.

    You stop running and dizziness consumes your head.

    Why is this  happening and what should you do? Read More

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