• Go Ahead, Legs

    Bryan in the SKORA Core

    This is a guest post from Bryan F, who wrote a bit to us on Twitter and I asked if he'd like to write a bit more and host it at our blog.

    Today I ran 8 miles.

    Not unusual for an intermediate runner, or one training for an upcoming marathon.

    That’s right. I’m training for the Chicago Marathon. It will be my second attempt at breaking the four-hour barrier. Last year things fell apart after 18 miles and I finished in 4:15, unofficially. This year I'm even more dedicated to the training.

    ​After letting myself sleep in this weekend, I was on the road by six o’clock. My strides began to flow almost immediately and I knew that my legs were fresher than they had been and wanted to take control of the run. “Go Ahead, “ I replied. My mind was heavy and had no reservations about letting the feet carry some of the load. They found a comfortable pace somewhere ahead of my easy runs and under my tempo pace. About 9:30/mile.
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  • Things worth trying?

    There is no secret to success and improvement.

    You put in the consistent work and practice and give it time to develop.

    However, there are always little "hacks" that can be done to help something along. Below are a few that I've come across recently that piqued my interest.

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  • The Week Before a Big Race

    You've been running for years.

    Races ranging from 3.1 miles to 26.2 miles have been completed.

    A plan was followed that fit your schedule and abilities, and you're faster than ever.

    Now, it's the week of the race, here's how you don't mess this up.

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  • Nanny Goat 100 Race Report


    By Leigh Ann Guveiyian

    The Nanny Goat 24 hour race takes place on a one mile dirt loop on a private horse ranch located in Riverside California.

    The race is open to solo runners or teams of four runners. The object is to complete as many laps as possible within an allotted 12 or 24 hour period. Any runner logging 86 or more miles in 24 hours may continue to 100 miles (with a firm cutoff at 28 hours).

    This was my 3rd year competing and finishing Nanny Goat as a 100 miler.

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  • Articles of Interest

    Weekend Reads

    Each week we scour the web for great articles go pass on to you. Below are the best of what we found, hope you enjoy!

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  • Is your "speed work" working your speed?

    Speed workout.

    "Speed Work" is a term that gets thrown around a lot.

    Many people feel speed work is anything faster than their habitual easy pace.

    When talking about running terminology, I feel it's important to call it what it is, to avoid confusion.

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  • Weekend Reads

    Weekend Reads

    Below are some of the best articles we've come across recently.

    Hopefully you can take some time this weekend or another time to read a few of them and gain some knowledge to improve your life.


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  • Google Search Terms for Different Athletes


    I was searching for something that started with "runners are" and Google auto populated with suggestions, and they were rather humorous.

    Enough so that I actually did the same for a few other sports, and the results were interesting enough that I saved them to share.

    These in no way reflect what we at SKORA think, but I thought it was curious what people are searching on Google about various athletes!

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  • How to Wash Your Gear

    Photo: Icebreak New Zealand

    We athletes may spend a great deal of hard earned money on our gear, so it is important to clean them with care so these items last you a long time.

    How to best wash running shoes has been covered in this article. Here, we're going to cover the rest of what covers you.

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  • Why Your Training Program is not Working


    The cliche saying goes that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

    But what happens when your plan is failing?

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