The Story. A Decade in the Making.

Like many revolutionary ideas, SKORA was born of necessity. After a blown IT band, 18 months of rehab and thousands of dollars in orthotics and new shoes, SKORA founder David Sypniewski came to the realization that if he wanted a running shoe that allowed him to run — and love his run again — he’d have to make it himself.

It was during this search for a pain-free run that David discovered the virtues of barefoot running. When his foot was allowed to strike the ground with the whole foot instead of the heel, he could run longer — with less pain — with a greater sense of stabilizing ground feel.

SKORA is the result of a 12-year journey to craft a better running shoe — one that incorporates the best of what nature intended with the best of what technology can enhance. Rather than look for features to add, we look for features to remove. We believe that the best shoe is one that complements the human body and allows it to perform naturally.

Why We're Here

A Better Run.

At SKORA we view Real Running as running how nature intended — efficient, effective and with ease. As the foot strikes the ground, contact is made in the middle of the foot, not at the heel. Running with a whole-foot gait results in less impact energy and force shock transmitted through the body than compared to the heel strike gait favored by conventional running shoes (built with large amounts of cushioning, support and a thicker heel).

Real Running is not something your body needs to learn, but rather be reminded of. As a child we all Run Real, it is only as we grow up and get used to conventional running shoes we forget how to run naturally.

Keep these tips in mind as you run and with enough practice your body will re-learn how to Run Real. Go slow, listen to your body and focus on the quality of your run, not the quantity of miles.

Reconnect to your body

The mind-body connection provides important feedback (proprioception).

Keeping the feet closer to the running surface reconnects the sense of touch and facilitates a light landing that is consistent with a whole-foot gait.

Awareness of how your feet connect with the running surface helps give your body greater control and efficiency.

Reposition your body

The position of your body greatly affects your running form.

Maintain an upright posture, alinging the hip to head. Land with your feet under your body, not in front. Keep your knees slightly bent, avoid landing with an outstretched, straight leg.

A good running body position enables the legs and feet to naturally absorb impact energy and forces throughout the body.

Find your Rhythm

The rhythm of your stride is an important part of maintaining good form.

While every body and gait is different, a good stride rhythm is around 180 footstrikes per minute.

A shorter stride length, encourages a whole-foot landing that allows your entire body to work as efficiently, and biomechanically correct as possible.

A better shoe.

SKORA is an elegant solution to a better athletic shoe. Our RealFit™ design approach mirrors the foot for maximum comfort. We strive to make the best. This means never compromising on our process, our materials, and our partners.

Direct to you.

We sell directly to customers. No middlemen. That means you can buy our shoes on our site, over the phone, and very soon, from our mobile store in greater Seattle. You have a question? You talk directly to us. No compromise, total transparency. And what does all this mean for you?

You get more. It means you get a better product at a price traditional companies can't match. This change is about realigning with the customer. It's about only doing what brings value to you.

What folks are saying...

”A Running Shoe You'll Want to Wear All the Time”

”Excels on the treadmill, the gym, and the road”

”It fits to your foot like skin...”

”The Bentley of Running Shoes...”