SKORA Ambassadors



Ambassadors need to have experience with our shoes and SKORA should be a part of their go-to gear. Ambassadors love lacing their SKORAs up, getting ready for the miles ahead.


From training help to running form feedback, Ambassadors do more than run—they coach, share, and lead from wherever in the pack they may be.


SKORA Ambassadors come in all different types and strides. They understand and celebrate our belief that the run means something unique to each individual. Our ambassadors are positive, and guide by their actions—not by commanding or forcing their opinions on others.


We live by Run Real at SKORA and we expect our ambassadors to live by that same ethos. Unbiased opinions, real experiences, and complete reviews (warts and all) show us, and the running community, that you're trustworthy. 


Online or off, we're looking for interaction and engagement. While race results speak loudly, we're also looking for people who want to share all facets of being a runner. It's those who are talking, sharing, chatting, blogging, and helping that we want on our team.


Real runners just have to get out there no matter what. Snow, rain, heat, the couch— these obstacles are no match for the pure joy of running. Not everyone is training for the same reason. Maybe you like to run short and fast, or the pace of an ultra suits you best. However you move, we're looking for runners who love their run, and those who look to share it with others.


  • Adam Sierakowski

    Adam Sierakowski

    I live in Baltimore, MD, where I balance my Ph.D research with triathlon training. I transitioned to triathlon from running nine years ago and have completed dozens of Olympic and Half-Iron distance races. I attribute much of my current fitness to the consistency afforded to my training by paying close attention to running form and by adopting biomechanically sound running shoes.

  • Alexandria Nolan

    Alexandria Nolan

    Runner, dog walker, yogi, hiker, cyclist, traveler. Anything that keeps me moving is my motivation. I am a 26 year old athlete of all trades living in the wilds of the Houston urban jungle. When I'm not being active you can find me adventuring, writing or cooking up some healthy chow to fuel my craziness. I started running because I honestly never thought I could be a runner, and once I started down this road, I just can't stop.

  • Amanda Mowry

    Amanda Mowry

    I am passionate about nutrition and healthy living. That passion permeates every aspect of my life: work, family, and running. Originally from Connecticut, I moved to Ohio after my tour in the Army. It was here that I found a home in the running and ultra community. When I'm not chasing my three kids, or talking about whole-food, plant-based nutrition, you can find me splashing in puddles or getting muddy on the trails.

  • Ben Pangie

    Ben Pangie

    Running has been a part of my life since I was in seventh grade. There have been ebbs, and even some total blocks, but becoming a parent I have come back to running with a renewed passion and zeal. Over the years, I have learned to run by feel without the modern gadgetry. I prefer to run 'naked' with my eyes, ears and feet leading the way.

  • Brad Waterson

    Brad Waterson

    FUN! That's what it's all about. Real Running is what opened the door for me. Once I learned to run efficiently, the sky was the limit. Triathlons, Marathons, Ultras! These days, helping adults and kids to get moving through coaching, race directing, or just being me is where I find the most fun. Basically, I'm just a middle aged kid. The fun is the reward.

  • Brandon Purdeu

    Brandon Purdeu

    In 2009 I ran my first race and haven't turned back since. I serve in the U.S Army as an Infantry Officer. I love the art of running and training. Bouncing from peak to peak training cycle to training cycle honing my running abilities. The funny thing about running is that I always learn more about myself than about running as I train. I enjoy running any race but ultramarathons are my favorite.

  • Brent Miller

    Brent Miller

    I've been proudly Running Real in SKORA on the roads and trails of the Greater Seattle area since March of 2013. I ran my first trail 50k in the Form, and have learned to love road running again entirely as a result of wearing the FIT. There are many great shoes on the market, but none that I have found to be as versatile as SKORA. Mine have been the catalysts to road running PRs, innumerable mountain summits, and also can be seen on my feet casually, during social occasions or chasing my kids at the park. While most other running shoes with built up heels and rigid soles have no place in the gym, the Zero-Drop and rounded heel design of the SKORA outsole allow me to confidently claim I'll never be seen working out with another shoe.

  • Bryan Lamb

    Bryan Lamb

    I am an endurance athlete who looks for new challenges wherever I can find them.  Whether that be through running races of all distances, triathlons of all distances, paddleboard races, cycling time trials – I am always up to the challenge.  I believe that everyone will benefit from running in the lowest profile shoe that they can handle, and have practiced that philosophy throughout my entire endurance-sports life.

  • Chris Franklin

    Chris Franklin

    It was in my late 20's when I discovered the power of running. I remember falling in love with the feeling of pushing myself further and further. The urge to become better each day had spilled over into my professional life too. Immediately I experienced more success in life as a model and actor, I no longer possessed thoughts of what I couldn't do but felt a direct connection with the power inside me. I have since built two businesses and pursue a life style of doing the things I love.

  • Courtney Lee

    Courtney Lee

    I started my journey to health in December 2011 - weighing in at just under 300lbs. In the first year of my journey I lost over 70lbs. Lifting weights, running on the treadmill, kettlebell training and kickboxing have become some of my favorite things to do when I'm not playing super mom to my 2 children (ages 4 & 3). I aim to motivate and inspire others through my blog (Update: Courtney has now lost more than 100 lbs. and is a certified bicycling instructor).

  • Emilie Reas

    Emilie Reas

    When I began running at age 14, I immediately became addicted. High school cross country races evolved into 10ks, half marathons, and eventually 26.2 miles, my now favorite distance. There's possibly nothing I'd rather do than escape into my own world for a few hours of aimless, intoxicating running. After too many years running – and struggling - in conventional shoes, I recently discovered the benefits and joys of running barefoot. I hope to make my next marathon my first barefoot marathon, and plan to someday push my distance limit into ultramarathons. When I'm not running (when is that?) I'm researching the brain or writing about the brain or running.

  • Erika Edmiston

    Erika Edmiston

    Wyoming girl thru and thru, I LOVE to run and play in the Tetons! I'm a wife and mom with a full time job, squeezing in runs to fulfill my running obession every chance I get. I've have been a "runner" all my life, but it was always punishment handed down from coaches in other sports I played. I moved beyond the punishment mentality around the time my first child was born and haven't looked back! Running every chance I get and signing up for various races to challenge myself, my family thinks I'm crazy and I'm loving every minute of the journey!

  • Erin Nielsen

    Erin Nielsen

    As a recent graduate with my masters in Health Promotion and a certified personal trainer, my main passion in life is to be an example of living a healthy lifestyle and to help as many people as possible to achieve the same goal. RUN REAL applies to my life and the message I deliver daily on simplifying movement and lifestyle changes. Running, especially in minimal shoes, has opened my eyes to purposeful movement and taking care of my body.

  • Evelin Mortensen Henderson

    Evelin Mortensen Henderson

    I am that half Norwegian, half Swedish girl you can see running around on the Big Island of Hawaii with a big smile on her face. Relatively new runner who earlier in life stayed active through skiing, basketball, spinning classes and hiking. "Running? Not my thing!" I would say and laugh until that day when I laced my old sneakers up and went out for a run. Running has since then become my big passion and it plays a big role in my life.

  • Geoff Alonso

    Geoff Alonso

    I found running a few years ago to fight off a vicious case of the out-of-shapes. It was a tough struggle but I prevailed and now I love running and seek out roads and trails anywhere I can find them. I love to explore, sometimes get lost, occasionally get muddy and if I am extra lucky catch a great view. That is how I Run Real.

  • Jared Fayer

    Jared Fayer

    I live in NYC and am constantly training for some type of race. I've been a runner my whole life, from my high school track days to my current obsession of marathons and triathlons. I love setting goals to see if I can achieve them and am constantly pushing myself as hard as I can.  Trying to push past both mental and physical barriers is something that motivates me to work on achieving my best.

  • Jeremy Sanders

    Jeremy Sanders

    I didn't know I was a runner until I was 35 years old. What started as a way to lose a few pounds turned into a complete lifestyle change. I went from downing beers to setting personal running records nearly every time I toe the line for a race. With two active boys, I need to be able to keep up. I want to be a superhero in their eyes. I am a Running Dad.

  • Jeremy Sexton

    Jeremy Sexton

    I love to run. Whether it’s down the road, at the track, or in a race, I always have SKORA on my feet. With three kids, I need shoes that last and these shoes definitely do. My without a doubt favorite, PHASE, helps me Run Real all year long.

  • John O'Donnell

    John O'Donnell

    I've been running all my life. I ran track, cross country, 5k's, 10k's, marathons, you name it. I lived it. I loved to run. In 2006 I was hit with a machete in the leg while on a hike. I nearly lost my leg. My running days ended. I told myself that I would get back to it as soon as I was healthy enough, but I started my own business, didn't have time, and every time I started to run I had this seemingly insurmountable pain. A few years later I realized that I was fat, complacent, and that if I was going to succeed I had to get running again. I pushed myself, fought through the pain, and today I'm an ultra marathoner, I'm President of our local running club, and I'm training for my 1st full Ironman. You can do anything you set your mind to!

  • John Stasulli

    John Stasulli

    I live in Killeen, Texas, am retired from the United States Army, and married to an amazing woman. We have three equally great kids and a beautiful grand daughter! Run your own run! This resonates in my mind each and every step I take whether I am running a 5k or Ultra, being a mentor on group runs, or just taking off down the trails for a long solo run. Running has become a lifestyle and has turned my life around. I set out on my running adventures following my ankle reconstruction. The surgeon told me that I would likely not run again and I was not willing to accept that. 4 months after my surgery (2012) I ran my first half marathon and it grew from there. Today my running continues and run everything from 5k to 100ks!

  • Joshua Zavertnik

    Joshua Zavertnik

    I am a physical therapist, husband, father, avid CrossFit athlete, and health enthusiast. I have been practicing for over five years, running for 10, and constantly look to improve my physical well being and of those around me. Physical therapy is the medium that I work through as I look to educate, empower, and positively change the lives of all those I come in contact with.

  • Leigh Anne Guveiyian

    Leigh Anne Guveiyian

    I'm a 38 year old #badass Mother Runner to 4 children ages 4,6,8,and 10.I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 16 years and together for 24. I have a huge passion for running and fitness. My mission is to improve the quality of life and health of others through the innovative effective fitness training and nutritional coaching as my "day job" outside of being a mom. I actually found my passion of Ultra Running about 3 years ago when I was working on losing over 100+lbs of weight that I had gained over the years. In my very first year of running I ran 9 marathons and several small ultras. In my second year of running I completed 6-100 milers earning a belt buckle for each one of my children, my husband and myself. Best year ever!

  • Mark Lofquist

    Mark Lofquist

    I live at the base of the Front Range Mountains. In order of importance, I am a father, husband, engineer, recreational athlete, coach, and maker of terrible puns. I am relatively new to the sport of running. In my late 30s, I was told by a doctor that I may not be "biomechancially suited" for running. This inspired me to figure out WHY. So I In 2009, I rather haphazardly trained for and completed the Marine Corps Marathon in 4:20 – walking/limping the last three miles, it HURT. Was I proving my doctor right? Was I not made for this? I knew better than that. Humans were truly "Born to Run." It's in our genetic code.

  • Michael Baker

    Michael Baker

    I started running in 2010 to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Thinking I'd raise a little money and hang up the running shoes, my running started in earnest. Three years later, I am organizing local track workouts and working with a running coach! I am a husband, a dad, a full-time money manager, and I work at a local running shop to give back to others what running has given to me. In my opinion flat, wide, lightweight shoes are the only way to go, and every time I put on the FORM it feels like Christmas morning. Being a runner is a way of life; and life, like running is all about keeping it real!

  • Michael Dreesen

    Michael Dreesen

    I am a Special Education/Furniture making teacher and Cross Country Coach from Beverly, Massachusetts. I lead an extremely busy life so consistency and time management is key when training and competing at a high level in both duathlon and triathlon. I’ve dedicated my life to stay healthy, fit, and a positive role model for our youth.

  • Michael Nutkowitz

    Michael Nutkowitz

    My name is Michael Nutkowitz. I am currently a senior at Mead High School. I am an avid distance runner; born and raised in Spokane, WA. I have been running since I was in the fifth grade. I chose running because my parents wouldn't let me play football since I was so small. So I picked Cross Country and never regretted it. Running has always been fun. My favorite workout is doing hill repeats.

  • Nathan Brown

    Nathan Brown

    I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL where I coach and manage a small team of runners and encourage others to join in on my passion of minimalist running. I am training to be a professional ultra-runner. I live in paradise and enjoy a fun and active life with my beautiful family. Run Real has become my training philosophy.

  • Sarah Beth Houser

    Sarah Beth Houser

    I live in a small town outside of Kansas City. When I am not chasing after my 5 little boys, I love running, biking and swimming. Most every weekend I can be found running and biking roads and trails, or swimming laps or open water. It seems I will enter any race as long as it has the promise of bling at the end! I discovered my love of running as way of getting some quality "me" time away from the boys… although they are all running and competing now as well. I really feel that if I can do this – anyone can do this. I hope to inspire moms out there! You can make time for yourself. You can chase your dreams. You can be a mom and an athlete! You will inspire your kids, too!

  • Scott Snair

    Scott Snair

    They call me Crazy Scott. I have been a runner for most of my 29 years. The biggest step I took in my career was transitioning to SKORA shoes. I was a severe over-pronatator, with constant ankle sprains. Three months after switching to zero-drop shoes my foot strike leveled out and I haven't sprained my ankle in 2 years. On the trail or on the road; running, working, or relaxing: I'm always in my SKORA.

  • Shelby Stanton

    Shelby Stanton

    I live to run and I run to live. Attending Chapman University in Southern California as a full-time student and also competing in 70.3 Half Ironman races in Florida, New England, and Lake Tahoe are a few of my favorite things. The amazing sense of community in triathlon makes it such a wonderfully unique sport. With podium finishes as well as TV and Newsprint appearances, I am part of a large network of competitive athletes in the Northeast, the Seacoast Rip Tide Tri Club, and I have an extensive network I enjoy training with in Southern California. My SKORA shoes are always a hit and a great conversation piece!

  • Stef Bernosky

    Stef Bernosky

    I'm a geologist by day and dedicated trail runner by night (and early morning). A reformed couch potato, I started my journey with 5k’s in 2009, before graduating to half and full marathons. After my first full marathon, I decided on a whim to sign up for a full Ironman with having never attempting a triathlon. I completed Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 2011 and Ironman Texas in 2012 before jumping off the deep end to run ultra-distance trail runs. I have since run distances up to 100 miles and represented the United States at the 2013 IAU World Trail Running Championships in Wales (DNF due to injury). I proudly run a variety of distances and paces. I hope to inspire as many as I can along in my wild and crazy journey!

  • Steven Stam

    Steven Stam

    I am an English teacher and Track/Cross Country coach from Jacksonville, Florida. Running is an integral part of human existence - it allows one to find the mean, endurance, and creativity humans need to survive.My favorite shoe is the Skora Fit, and I sometimes wear one of each color.

  • Tad Kardis

    Tad Kardis

    I'm a Midwestern family guy who embraced running as I approached 40. Running gives me the stamina and focus I need in life. Espresso only goes so far. Never a distance runner before 2011, I've now raced eight marathons and an ultra. I run in Skora running shoes because they allow my body to function naturally. I strive to follow the Cretan command "reach for what you cannot" – be more than you think you can.

  • Tony Cress

    Tony Cress

    Self-proclaimed "fitness nerd", I'm a corrective exercise specialist in Las Vegas, NV, with a love for basketball, working out, and the human body. I like running, but I keep my distances short... less than 400 meters at a time. I'm a sprinter by default, because the sports I choose require that intensity. There's nothing more euphoric to me than not being able to catch your breath after an all out 200. When I'm not physically moving, I'm helping my clients move better. It's a passion of mine to see improvement in everyone around me. It just feels good to see others feeling good!

  • Willa Kammerer

    Willa Kammerer

    I am a digital media entrepreneur and storyteller in many mediums, explorer, wellness warrior, and nature girl. I believe in many things: in ideas and self improvement, human potential, and dreaming and doing big things; in collaboration and connecting the dots, the power of network, and the magic of synergy; in heart, authenticity, and beauty. I'm a lifelong runner and split my time between Manhattan and Deer Isle, Maine. I travel often, always with running shoes in my bag. I have run through the streets of Ethiopia, across the bridges of Paris and Budapest, to monasteries in Italy, on beaches in Mexico, and many times around New York's Central Park, a few blocks from home. Running fuels my creativity and keeps me sane.