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You Run Real. You are a leader in your sport. You love your SKORA shoes. You're active, both on and offline, in your fitness communities. You believe in the same philosophies we do. 
If any of these describe you, we invite you to apply to the SKORA ambassador team! We hook you up with insider information, gear, online support, and an awesome group of new friends. You help us by spreading the SKORA message to the world! To apply, simply tell us your story at
  • Adam Sierakowski

    ”I live in Baltimore, MD, where I balance my Ph.D research with triathlon training. I’ve transitioned to triathlon from running eight years ago and have completed dozens of Olympic and Half-Iron distance races. I attribute much of my current fitness to adopting minimalist running, and encourage everyone to switch to low profile shoes, whether for running or the real world.”

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  • Alex Nolan

    Runner, dog walker, yogi, hiker, cyclist, traveler. Anything that keeps me moving is my motivation. I am a 26 year old athlete of all trades living in the wilds of the Houston urban jungle. When I'm not being active you can find me writing my fitness blog, planning my next adventure or cooking up some healthy chow to fuel my craziness. I started running because I honestly never thought I could be a runner, and once I started down this road, I just can't stop.

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  • Ben Greenfield

    ”I am a coach, author, speaker and endurance athlete who is recognized for my cutting-edge human performance and nutrition advice. As a triathlon coach and competitor, I compete at Ironman and Half-Ironman World Championships, hold a ranking as one of USAT’s top ranked age group triathletes, and competes in 15-20 triathlons each year, both nationally and internationally.”

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  • Brian Fisher

    ”I believe running is about our relationship with our bodies and the environment around us. Running should be simple and natural; from the foods we use as fuel to the shoes that provide the connection between our feet and the ground. RUN REAL is a philosophy that applies to my life because my body performs best with technology adjusting neither my food nor my feet.”

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  • Amanda Mowry

    ”I am passionate about nutrition and healthy living. That passion permeates every aspect of my life: work, family, and running. Originally from Connecticut, I moved to Ohio after my tour in the Army. It was here that I found a home in the running and ultra community. When I'm not chasing my three kids, or talking about whole-food, plant-based nutrition, you can find me splashing in puddles or getting muddy on the trails.”

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  • Courtney Lee

    I started my journey to health in December 2011 - weighing in at just under 300lbs. In the first year of my journey I lost over 70lbs. Lifting weights, running on the treadmill, kettlebell training and kickboxing have become some of my favorite things to do when I'm not playing super mom to my 2 children (ages 4 & 3). I aim to motivate and inspire others through my blog (Update: Courtney has now lost more than 100 lbs. and is a certified bicycling instructor).

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  • Erin Nielsen

    As a recent graduate with my masters in Health Promotion and a certified personal trainer, my main passion in life is to be an example of living a healthy lifestyle and to help as many people as possible to achieve the same goal. RUN REAL applies to my life and the message I deliver daily on simplifying movement and lifestyle changes. Running, especially in minimal shoes, has opened my eyes to purposeful movement and taking care of my body.

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  • Evelin Mortensen Henderson

    I am that half Norwegian, half Swedish girl you can see running around on the Big Island of Hawaii with a big smile on her face. Relatively new runner who earlier in life stayed active through skiing, basketball, spinning classes and hiking. “Running? Not my thing!” I would say and laugh until that day when I laced my old sneakers up and went out for a run. Running has since then become my big passion and it plays a big role in my life.

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  • Jared Fayer

    I live in NYC and am constantly training for some type of race. I've been a runner my whole life, from my high school track days to my current obsession of marathons and triathlons. I'm always looking out for ways to compete and get faster. I love setting goals to see if I can achieve them and am constantly pushing myself as hard as I can.

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  • Keith Levasseur

    I have a passion for running and especially distance running. I’ve completed numerous marathons, ultra-marathons, many shorter distances and even triathlons. After serving nine years in the Marine Corps, I started road racing in 2008 which eventually led into trail racing and trail ultra racing. I enjoy training and toeing the line at a race, ready to push my body beyond perceived limitations with mental toughness, strength, determination, and gear that lets you Run Real.

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  • Kyle Kranz

    ”I am a previously obese high school gamer who has bettered himself and evolved into a lean 150 pound Ironman triathlon and 100 mile ultra marathon finisher. In 2011 I earned a degree in Clinical Nutrition with Dietetics Specialization and currently work as the Social Media Coordinator for SKORA. ”

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  • Michael Nutkowitz

    My name is Michael Nutkowitz. I am currently a senior at Mead High School. I am an avid distance runner; born and raised in Spokane, WA. I have been running since I was in the fifth grade. I chose running because my parents wouldn’t let me play football since I was so small. So I picked Cross Country and never regretted it. Running has always been fun. My favorite workout is doing hill repeats.

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  • Ray Jackson

    I was born and mostly raised in Wilmington, North Carolina. I am the youngest of five, and the only son. I now reside in Williamsport, MD with my wife and two young daughters. I am an ultra runner who loves running for the pure joy of it. It doesn't have to be a race to get me motivated, it just has to be the distance. I prefer to run on pavement but I will never turn down a good trail. I have many ultra finishes and am proud of every one of them. My goal is to get you to run...and RUN REAL."

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  • Steven Stam

    I am an English teacher and Track/Cross Country coach from Jacksonville, Florida. Running is an integral part of human existence - it allows one to find the mean, endurance, and creativity humans need to survive. In the past year I have completed four marathons. These include the Wipro San Francisco marathon, Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte, Jacksonville Bank Marathon, and The Goofy race and a Half Challenge.

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  • Tyler Hurst

    I am a writer, runner and hard cider drinker who comes to Portland via Seattle and Phoenix. My original SKORA Form review involved repeatedly smelling, opening and closing the shoe box, which looked as weird as it sounds. My quest for active, gluten-free, and non-processed living keeps me busy between taking pictures of feet for Instagram. My favorite running shoe ever is the Skora Phase.

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